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National Game

National Game of India

Hockey is the National Game of India. Conquering the podium of medals, India deserves a huge round of accolades when it comes to Hockey with eight Olympic gold medals in its kitty.

The years 1928-56, the golden period for our National Game saw Indian hockey team crowned with six Olympic gold medals and reach new heights. Indian Hockey Team was also the winner of 1975 Hockey World Cup. It was in 1927 that the Indian Hockey Federation got its affiliation to be a part of the International Hockey Federation.

Indian Hockey team’s Olympic tour saga is considered to be the golden moment in Hockey’s history. It was all the efforts of the great Dhyan Chand who scored the most number of goals in the entire tournament and raised the bar for others to follow. Post 1947; the Indian Hockey team made a hat-trick of gold medals at the London, Helsinki and Melbourne.


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