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Minor Ports In India

Proper Management Of Minor Ports In India: Geared To Nations Economy

The port traffic situation in India is looking up towards brighter prospects in the coming years. With more stress being given on the development of the ports in the country in the five year plans, it is becoming important to sustain these shipping traffic zones.

  • In the 7517 km long coastline of India, in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala in the western coast and Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal in the eastern coast, there are in total about 185 small or minor ports.

Although there is no distinction of the ports into major and minor depending on the traffic of cargo, the classification has been done on the basis of the management. The major ports are those which are managed by the central shipping ministry, while the minor ones are under the department of shipping of the state government.

In this manner, every state in the coastal belt has some minor ports, although not every port is functional. Only a few of these minor ports in India have the facility of berthing throughout the year. These ports which are functional have been presently handling only 25% of the cargo as of 2002-03.

  • Most of the non-functional ports are located in the state of Maharashtra numbering 53.
  • As per the Ministry of Shipping, the present figures for functional minor ports stand at 61.

Future planning is being done under the envision of the Ninth Five year plan to improve and make the non-functional minor ports productive and also improve the traffic of the ones which are active. There has to be improvement in the port efficiency, quality of service and productivity and enable competitiveness in the delivery of service. This can be done if there is a public-private partnership. It will be with the active participation of private groups that the contemporary technologies and modernised equipments can be utilised in the port areas.

Some of the important steps that can be undertaken to improve the overall functions are:

–       The ports can be leased out to improve the functioning.

–       Container terminals, cargo berths to handle multiple cargo units, storage and warehousing, freight stations and power plants can be improvised to allow a better handling of goods.

–       Development of the areas near the ports for port based industries.

The present condition of languishing of the minor ports is because of the resource paucity and because the investments in these are considered to be risky by the private entrepreneurs. In the initial phase, such ports are to be selected which are advantageous from the economic point of view. Various methodologies are being discussed and proposals are being made to manage the minor ports in India in such a way that there will be minimum spending to make them functional.

  • In the beginning of such a restructuring plan, 2 minor ports are being selected in every state except in Gujarat, where 4 ports are being considered for making them functional. Those in the states of West Bengal, Orissa, Goa and union territories are being kept out presently, because these ports are not logistically possible to be resurrected.

Presently, steps are being taken to bring about a disciplined and serious approach to incorporate the changes in the minor ports. Positive growth in the operations of the minor ports like those in Gujarat, Mundra port, Pipavav, Essar ports, etc and increasing enthusiasm by the private companies has brought about a change in the prospects of the smaller ports these days. With better planning and management and proper utilisation of financial and natural resources, it wouldn’t be a surprise that the minor ports in India will be playing a major role in the economic development of the country.
Minor Ports In India:187 

States/Union Territories No of Minor Ports
Gujarat 40
Maharashtra 53
Goa 5
Karnataka 10
Kerala 13
Diu & Daman 2
Lakshadweep Islands 10
Pondicherry 1
Tamil Nadu 15
Andhra Pradesh 12
Orissa 2
West Bengal 1
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 23


1.     Mandvi

2.      Navilakhi

3.      Bedi

4.      Sikka

5.     Jafarabad

6.     Oka

7.     Porbandar

8.     Veraval

9.     Bhavanagar

10.    Bharuch

11.    Madalla

12.   Koteshwar

13.   Mundra

(i)      GAPL

(ii)     Old

14.    Jakhau

15.    Jodia

16.    Salaya

17.    Pindhara

18.    Beyt

19.    Rupen

20.    Mangrol

21.    Kotda

22.     Madhwad

23.     Navabandar

24.    Rajapara

25.     GPPL( Pipavav)

26.     Mahuva

27.     Talaja

28.     Ghogha

29.     Khambhat

30.     Dahoj

31.     Bhagwa

32.     Onjal

33.     Vansi-Borsi

34.     Billimora

35.      Valsad

36.     Umarsadi

37.     Kolak

38.     Maroli

39.     Umergaon

40.     Mul-Dwarka


1.      Dahanu

2.      Tarapur

3.      Nawapur

4.      Satpati

5.      Kelwa-Mahim

6.      Arnala

7.      Datiware

8.      Uttan

9.      Bassein

10.   Bhiwandi

11.   Manori

12.   Kalyan

13.   Thane

14.   Versova

15.   Bandra

16.    Trombay

17.  Ulwa-Belapur

18.  Panvel

19.  Mora

20.  Mandwa

21.  Karaja

22.  Thal

23.  Rewas

24.  Alibag

25.  Dharamtar

26.  Revdanda

27.  Borli/Mandla

28.  Nandgaon

29.  Murud-Janjira

30.  Rajpuri

31.  Mandad

32.  Kumbharu

33.  Sriwardhan

34.  Bankot

35.  Kelshi

36.  Harnai

37.  Dabhol

38.  Palshet

39.  Borya

40.  Jaigad

41.  Tiwri-Varoda

42.  Purnagad

43.  Jaitapur

44.  Vijaydurg

45.  Deogad

46.  Achara

47.  Malvan

48.  Niwti

49.  Vengurla

50.  Red

51.  Kiranpani

52.  Ratnagiri

53.  Dighi


1.      Panaji

2.     Chapora

3.     Betul

4.     Talpona

5.     Tiracol


1.   Daman

2.    Diu


1.       Mangalore

2.        Mape

3.       Hangarkatta

4.        Kundapur

5.       Bhatkal

6.       Honavar

7.      Tadri

8.      Belekeri

9.       Karwar

10.     Padubidri


1.     Alappuzha

2.     Vadakara

3.     Kannur

4.     Kasargode

5.     Kodungallore

6.     Ponnani

7.     Thalassery

8.     Thiruvananthapuram

9.     Qullon

10.   Kozhikode/Beypore

11.   Needakara

12.   Azhikkal

13.   Koavalam/Vizhijam


1.     Agatti

2.     Amini

3.     Andrott

4.     Bitra

5.      Chetlat

6.     Kavaratti

7.     Kadmat

8.     Kiltan

9.     Kalpeni

10.   Minicoy


1.     Cuddalore

2.     Nagapattinam

3.     Rameshwaram

4.     Pamban

5.     Colachel

6.     Valinokkam

7.     Kanyakumari

8.     Ennore ( C)

9.     Punnakayal (C)

10.   Thirukkadaiyur ( C )

11.   PY-3 ( Oil Field) ( C )

12.   Kattupalli ( C )

13.   Thiruchopuram ( C )

14.   Manappad  ( C )

15.   Kudankulam

Note: (C) = Captive Ports


1.     Pondicherry


1.      Bhavanapadu

2.      Calingapatnam

3.      Bheemunipatnam

4.      Kakinada

( i )   Anchorage

( ii )  Deep Water

5.     Narsapur

6.     Machilipatnam

7.     Vadarevu

8.     Nizampatnam

9.     Kirshnapatnam

10.   Gangavaram

11.   Mutyalammapalem

12.   Ravva


1.     Gopalpur

2.     Behrabalpur ( Balasore)


1.     Kulpi


1.       Port Blair

2.       Mus

3.       Car Nicobar

4.       Havelock

5.       Mayabunder

6.       Diglipur

7.       Rangat

8.       Hut Bay

9.       Katchal

10.     Campbell Bay

11.     Neil Havlock

12.     Dugong Creek

13.     Nancowry

14.     Chowra

15.     Teressa

16.     Kondul

17.     Pillow Millow

18.     East Island

19.     Clnque Island

20.     Jolly Bouy Island

21.     Tillonchong

22.     Castle Bay

23.     South Bay

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